The Xiomara Project

I am so excited about my first post! It’s been a long time in the making and a well deserved day off allowed my desires to materialize.

Depression sucks. It feels like a pot of emotions boiling and overflowing without the ability to clean up any of the mess. However, there is light and love emitting from the universe — ever flowing love streaming to us and all we need to do is accept it.

There are days when I feel so sad, lonely, abandoned, and unloved. Then, I realize the most important love is the love I have for myself. Loving myself is my first priority right now. Whether it’s watching my favorite tv show, reading a good book, practicing yoga, hiking, getting enough sleep, or reaching out to friends — I try to find a way to love myself every single day.

With that said, I want to share love with everyone. For that reason, I am starting the Xiomara Project. I will photograph messages of love, peace, and gratitude I find in my everyday life. Then, I will frame these images and include a positive affirmation inside each frame. I expect someone who needs a reminder that they are loved, a reminder to be joyful, a reminder to be grateful, or a reminder to take a deep breath and just be in the “now” to find one.
dearxiomaraXiomara Project

Smile! You are loved!

Feel free to comment! Did you find a frame? Where? Share an uplifting moment with me! I am looking forward to hearing from you.


<3, Xiomara


7 thoughts on “The Xiomara Project

  1. Yesterday I went hiking with my best friend and her sister. I get to the top of the trail and I find this little frame that reads “today is going to be a great day” ( along with a post-it that reads “take me!”. This was more than just a lucky find for me. Yesterday WAS a great day. Thank you Xiomara for this beautiful positive post!


  2. Hi! Not sure if you remember me…I’ll give u a hint: ISO, we dormed at ISO conference last year, I blog too at RadicalLatina 😉
    Anyway, I went to Vegan la Raza and found this and want to say thanks so much for writing this and sharing your story of healing. This is so powerful hermana. It has touched me deeply to read your blogposts especially because I started going to counseling too and have felt skeptical about writing about it but I guess I will. Que bueno that you’re sharing your journey to feeling good with us. I’m sending you fuerza. And wanted to let you know that you’re beautiful and powerful and important and worthy of so much love. I remember your light hermana, it still shines. Un abrazo


    1. of course i remember you!!! I was wondering where you went because I haven’t seen you on IG. thank you so much for your kind words and for commenting. will you be in chicago? I am going (last minute booking but it’s happening)! If so, I can’t wait to see you there and I am following your blog too. xoxoxo


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