This Will Be a Great Weekend

During my medical leave I was in intensive group therapy (15 hours/week of therapy). At that time I began to read Feeling Good by David Burns on advice from my therapist. Dr. Burns writes about “the weekend blues”. Apparently, it is very common for people to feel sad on the weekends. My Dr. said I probably feel lost since the weekends are unstructured.

Last night, I couldn’t sleep. I usually dread weekends. Even when I have awesome plans to do fun things on Saturday or Sunday I have difficulty doing anything. I took 30 mg of sleeping pills last night and that barely helped. I woke up on Saturday morning thinking ahhh….I just want to feel good and have a great weekend.  So this is what I told myself as I found the courage to get up:

Dear Xiomara, 

You are wonderful! Today is going to be a great day! Wake up, make yourself a nice cup of coffee, wear something cute, spend time with family, connect with nature, and do something to inspire others to change the world. Be grateful for your beautiful apartment, for the beautiful sunlight, and for being an independent woman who is providing for herself. Plus, you will get to visit a new state in a few days and that alone is super exciting. Smile! You are loved!

<3, me

So, I woke up, washed dishes, made a cup of coffee, and put on a Pitbull concert I recorded — ’cause — yes, I love Pitbull (his music not his politics). I am happily sipping away my coffee and watching a Pitbull concert at 10 am haha. Yay to a great weekend! And since I know that connecting with people is a big part to feeling good I am picking up my little sister who coincidentally asked me to help her write a resume. We are having a sleep over and tomorrow we are going on a hike and to the planetarium. My goal is to set goals for the weekend and follow through!

I am grateful for a beautiful, sunny day. I am grateful for the opportunity to connect with my family and for having the knowledge to assist my sister achieve her goals!





2 thoughts on “This Will Be a Great Weekend

    1. Aw! I was thinking of you too!!! Thank you for following my blog. I’ve gone off FB and all social media because I just couldn’t handle it with all I was going through and am not quite ready to be on fb again, but am glad I can connect with you through this blog, Angela! How is it on the other side of the world?? How are you? Miss you!!!! :))) xoxoxo


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