Change is mourning. I have been in a constant state of change over the past year. Changes which broke me down or build me up. Changes that have me in tears right now. Sometimes, I feel like a bird with a broken wing — struggling to move, unable to fly.

It’s at these moments when feelings of sadness come flooding over me, taking me over, helplessness overwrites all of me. These are the moments when I must be the strongest, find the will to work through it, jump above it, keep moving.

I know I am working through my depression, I know I am missing some important people in my life, but in the end, I have to remember that the most important person I need and have is myself. My current self. All I can do is look at myself, hug myself, accept myself, forgive myself, and love myself. I am open to receiving the ultimate bliss: Divine Love. I am cherished.

I am.


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