Nebraska Nice

Xiomara Project

I have lived in Los Angeles and New York City — with that said, the idea of going to Nebraska for a few days was somewhat amusing. However, I left the state of Nebraska with many happy memories and a desire to go back again! (I am secretly hoping my currently nonexistent kids go to the University of Nebraska so I can go to the football games haha).

I flew into Omaha, Nebraska and then made the hour long drive to Lincoln, Nebraska. I stayed in the Haymarket area and was surprised by the cuteness of the area. I left four picture frames around Nebraska and am sure they brightened up someone’s day!

The highlight of my trip was finding a fair trade store where I purchased my first singing bowl (will post about this separately). Please enjoy some shots I took in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Also, to any Nebraskans out there — thank you for the hospitality. They call it Nebraska Nice for a reason!

I am grateful for the opportunity to visit a new place and meet wonderful human beings. 

Xiomara Project
Belly rubbing for good luck :p
xiomara project
First frame left in Nebraska
xiomara project
Can you spot the frame?

xiomara project

xiomara project



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