My First Singing Bowl

Ten Thousand Villages  ( is a fair trade retailer ten thousand villageswith locations across the United States. Though there is one in California, I recently learned about this nonprofit during my visit to Lincoln, Nebraska. I decided to go for a walk on a windy afternoon and found this cute shop down the block from the hotel where I was staying.

As I walked through the store I was overwhelmed by the beautiful handmade pieces of art and knew instantly I would own something from this place. Then I saw them: the most singing bowls I have ever seen in one place!

ten thousand villagesI recently created a meditation altar in my apartment and soon after thought about having a singing bowl to use for meditation. Though I had never heard one or seen one in person the thought of a singing bowl for my altar stuck with me. Then, I found one at my yoga studio — it was the the first singing bowl I had ever seen and held.

At Ten Thousand Villages, I was excited about the beautiful fair trade singing bowls made in Nepal. I asked the employee for a free demonstration and was amazed by the sounds it produced and the simplicity with which she “played” them.

my first singing bowl

I looked at the price tag and gasped — $99 for the bigger singing bowls and $50 something for the smaller ones. I looked at them and thought, I gotta sleep on it. All night I thought about the singing bowls, read up on singing bowls, and checked prices on An important point that stood out from my reading was that one must “bond” with the singing bowl — choose the one that feels right. So, I returned to the store the next day and saw a particular singing bowl sitting there and knew that was the one. I played it and could not believe the ease with which I did so. I played a few others, but for some reason could not play them the way I played the one — I knew that was mine. I took the singing bowl home along with a sandstone sculpture of a dancing couple and some sandalwood incense. I was eager to land in Los Angeles and place my recent acquisitions on my meditation altar.

A meditation altar is ever evolving. It’s a place where I go to seek peace, solace, comfort, and love. Creating a mediation altar in my home has been one of the greatest ways in which I have created a calming space. My first singing bowl is a beautiful addition to my altar.

I am a loving being who exudes love, positivity, and peacefulness. I am grateful for who I am. 

my first singing bowlmy first mediation altar





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