Whirlwind & Instagram

I have been missing in action because shortly after my trip to Nebraska I went to Chicago for a few days and soon after to Las Vegas. The trips were both eventful and I will write about each one in another post. For now, I want to write about the insane crash I experienced as a result of these trips — mostly because on these trips I was constantly surrounded by people, constantly socializing, partying, and having fun.

When I arrived home from Las Vegas at 4 am on Sunday, I was relieved to know I would finally be home for a few weeks before summer takes a break ’til next year. However, I also began to experience loneliness. On Tuesday and Thursday I fell into a dark hole and struggled to crawl out of it. I happened to have a therapy appointment this week and am so grateful for that visit. I identified some of my triggers  and my homework over the next two weeks is to focus on the happiness in my life.

Today, I went to yoga and after class ordered a large Jamba Juice with a gift card I had received. I sat in the sun and read a few chapters from Law of Attraction before my parking meter expired. It was the most beautiful moment of the day! I was so happy, calm, and at peace. I continually told myself, ” Xiomara, it’s OKAY to be happy.” I am working to want happiness, expect happiness, and realize that happiness is the norm.

So, I will be posting on Instagram @dearxiomara.xo a picture (or two) a day of everyday happiness. Follow me on Instagram! #everydayhappiness


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