It’s All About Just Being Myself

I am posting from my phone because I just had the most amazing realization.  During an eye and heart opening yoga practice, the teacher asked us to look at an incident that had caused confusion.  The teacher talked about the importance of looking at aspects of our life with different lenses — because these lenses change as we evolve, our perspective changes.

So, I kept thinking about a recent incident where encounters with two different men just pained me so much.

I realized how much of myself I sacrifice when a man enters my life. I never met my dad and I knew this was somehow related.  As I thought about it more it hit me! I used to think altering myself when I am dealing with men will keep me from getting hurt. Just the other day I was expressing how maybe if I had been a different type of baby my dad would have wanted me. Of course this is ridiculous.

I want me! I am awesome!

I am forgiving myself. I cannot change the past and I should not let events from the past change the amazing person I have become.

I was a wonderful baby then and I am a wonderful person now.


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