I recently learned depression is tied to events that occurred in the past. Anxiety on the other hand is tied to events that have not yet occurred.

The problem with depression is that the past has already happened and it’s essential to learn to let it go. The problem with anxiety is that a person gets all worked up by events that have not even happened yet.

This has helped me understand the idea behind mindfulness. Living in the moment, being in the moment,  appreciating the present moment for all it is — especially when everything is fine.

Being present in the moment has been a key goal of mine. Mindfulness combined with my goal to focus on the happiness in my life made it possible for me to have a beautiful and wonderful day.

Today,  I reached out to people, learned about their lives, gave a caring hug to someone, and laughed a lot. I was open, fun,  free spirited, and genuinely human.

I am so proud of the amount I accomplished today and am grateful for the opportunity to live a wonderful day.


I am happy today!


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