Watermelon Flowers

Yesterday I had a tiny moment of desperation. I remembered to breathe deeply, be present, and shifted my thoughts to focus on driving and where I was going instead in order to “get out of my head”. The rest of the night was tough as I felt restless, but calm nonetheless — which was fine because I didn’t feel sad. I was eager to go to sleep and wake up to a new day.

Today has been a better day!

Summer is my favorite season when it comes to produce. Watermelon is in season and is super affordable!  On Sunday I bought three watermelons. Each baby cost me 3 bucks.


Tonight, I spent the evening organizing my closet and washing my sheets. Summer tends to make me less hungry, especially on very hot days. I decided I’d have watermelon for dinner.


I cut it up and realized the halves looked like  flowers!


And I stuffed my face! Awesome. Delicious. Filling.

***I am Grateful for a moment to enjoy some of the beautiful fruit given to us by Mother Earth***


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