A Quick Hello

Today was a beautiful day.

I am writing this after a few weeks of being MIA due to a very hectic, yet amazingly productive last couple of months.

I am working hard to stay in the present moment — mind, body and spirit. However, I can’t help but sometimes think of where I was and how far I’ve come. I am incredibly happy and filled with love. I want to spread this message with the world: things will get better. We all go through dark, rough times. Life events, good and bad are cyclical, but things do get better. People heal, hearts mend, and love is found again. Happiness — in many shapes and forms surrounds us all the time.

I expect this message to reach someone out there — and if that someone is you — please know that you will be better. Focus on self love, self care, and being a great person to yourself. You matter and you deserve to be happy.


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