Weekend Purples

The weekend blues is that sad, lonely feeling one automatically feels on the weekends because everyone else is having so much fun. Well, visit any coffee shop and you will find dozens of people basking in their own company.

It is ok for some weekends to be chillaxing days or a time for catching up on some work. Whatever you do on the weekend, find some time to laugh. IMG_3832 (2)


A Tropical Vacation

I thought it’d be fun to go on (what I am calling) a tropical vacation in my own city. A big part of feeling good is spending time with friends. I am so grateful that Tuesday and Wednesday I had a lot of fun with some special friends. We hiked, had a beach party, spent time at happy hour, and had a jacuzzi party!

Often, depression sucks all the energy out of us and it’s important to get up, get out, and do something! Even when an idea seems great it is so easy to make excuses and stay home instead. When this happens to me I tell myself, “Xiomara, get up and DO SOMETHING!

Connecting with nature, doing something active like going for a walk or a hike, and making the extra effort to reconnect with friends will make you feel better — I know it makes me feel good. With that said, I would like to share pictures taken over two fun and happy days I had this week!

Xiomara Project
Photographing the first frame I placed!
Xiomara Project
Spreading love on a hike
Xiomara Project
Returning love to mother nature ❤
A beautiful afternoon
A beautiful afternoon


Loving my tropical vacation

P.S.  Thanks, friends for some fun times! 😀