5 Goals for the Weekend Blues

Feeling a low on the weekends is a little more common than one thinks. You know that feeling — the day is absolutely beautiful, but you cannot get out of bed because you think everyone else is having more fun than you. The reality is that some people are having a blast, but others are taking advantage of the day off and being lazy at home.

On weekends you are finding it impossible to do anything at all, set five simple goals for yourself.

  1. Get out of bed. Just do it. Play some music, open the curtains, and get out of bed.
  2. Take a shower. Even if you don’t wash your hair and are only in the shower for a few minutes.
  3. Change clothes. Go for the cuter, clean(er) PJs. It’s ok. Just get dressed.
  4. Eat something. Even if you are not feeling all that hungry, give yourself some food.
  5. Breathe.





Balance: Setting Self Care Goals

A huge part of feeling good is living a balanced life where the amount of time dedicated to self care, work, and relationships is distributed evenly. There are a few things I want to do everyday that I would consider self care.

Living in a capitalist society, work tends to take over our lives and it’s super easy to neglect ourselves and/or friends and family.

I have set four weekly goals for myself that will make me feel happy and ensure I am practicing self care:

1. Read 50 pages per day everyday of a book of my choice
2. Meditate for 5 mins everyday after choosing a card from Psychic Tarot of the Heart
3. Place at least  3 picture frames for the Xiomara Project each week
4. Practice yoga 3 times per week. Only one of those 3 may be a restorative class – additional restorative classes will be in addition to the 3 classes.

What goals can you set for yourself in the areas of self care, relationships, and/or work that are achievable and will help you balance your life?