It’s 2016!

I am so excited for 2016! After several weeks of rest and relaxation I am ready to begin working again.

Since I will be engaging in my regular work/grad student/multiple forms of activism schedule, it will be important to take some time to slow down and practice self-care.

Reminder to practice self-care every day of every year
Hiking helps me connect with nature and myself



Mindfulness and Nature

20151205_160938.jpgOn Saturday I was fortunate to spend the day connecting with the natural elements. I attended a workshop focused on nature and mindfulness.



As we explored the earth element, I stood in a warrior pose, feeling the earth below my feet and looking at the California oak trees around me. Majestic trees standing strong despite the storms. One particular tree caught my eye. The tree’s beauty took my breath away. I noticed the tree had many bumps and scratches. However, those imperfections didn’t take away from its beauty. Rather, they were indicative of its growth, resilience, and perfect imperfection.

The importance of being grounded resonated strongly with me. I wanted to reach out and hug that beautiful tree — because like that tree, despite every bump and scratch I’ve gotten along the way I’m still standing.



I recently learned depression is tied to events that occurred in the past. Anxiety on the other hand is tied to events that have not yet occurred.

The problem with depression is that the past has already happened and it’s essential to learn to let it go. The problem with anxiety is that a person gets all worked up by events that have not even happened yet.

This has helped me understand the idea behind mindfulness. Living in the moment, being in the moment,  appreciating the present moment for all it is — especially when everything is fine.

Being present in the moment has been a key goal of mine. Mindfulness combined with my goal to focus on the happiness in my life made it possible for me to have a beautiful and wonderful day.

Today,  I reached out to people, learned about their lives, gave a caring hug to someone, and laughed a lot. I was open, fun,  free spirited, and genuinely human.

I am so proud of the amount I accomplished today and am grateful for the opportunity to live a wonderful day.


I am happy today!