Balance: Setting Self Care Goals

A huge part of feeling good is living a balanced life where the amount of time dedicated to self care, work, and relationships is distributed evenly. There are a few things I want to do everyday that I would consider self care.

Living in a capitalist society, work tends to take over our lives and it’s super easy to neglect ourselves and/or friends and family.

I have set four weekly goals for myself that will make me feel happy and ensure I am practicing self care:

1. Read 50 pages per day everyday of a book of my choice
2. Meditate for 5 mins everyday after choosing a card from Psychic Tarot of the Heart
3. Place at least  3 picture frames for the Xiomara Project each week
4. Practice yoga 3 times per week. Only one of those 3 may be a restorative class – additional restorative classes will be in addition to the 3 classes.

What goals can you set for yourself in the areas of self care, relationships, and/or work that are achievable and will help you balance your life?